Notification Service

Backed by the RealOpInsight QoS Collector Service, the notification service enables to automatically send a message to operators when a business application goes from Normal state to a non-normal state (e.g. Minor, Major, Critical, Unknown). But also reciprocally, when the business application recovers from a non-normal state to Normal state.

Only email notification is currently available, but the support of other notification mechanisms, e.g. SMS notification, is expected to be added in next releases.

Enable Email Notification

Proceed as follows:

  • Log in into RealOpInsight Ultimate as administrator.

  • Select the menu Notification Options to load the Notification settings page.

  • Set Email as notification Type to display email configuration parameters.

  • Set SMTP Server to the IP address or the hostname of an SMPTP server.

  • Set SMTP Port the port on on which the SMTP server is listening, commonly 25, 465 or 587.

  • Check Enable SSL if the SMTP server requires secured connection.

  • Set SMTP Username to log into the SMTP server. This field is used as sender for notification emails. It’s thus recommended to use an email-based username (e.g.

  • Set the SMTP Password associated to the SMTP user.

  • Restart the RealOpInsight QoS Collector Daemon to ensure that the changes are taken into account.

    $ sudo service realopinsight-reportd restart