Configure a Probe Data Source

A probe data source, or simply a monitoring source, defines a core monitoring system where RealOpInsight retrieves probe status to compute application status.

Supported Sources

The following sources are currently supported:

  • Kubernetes >= 1.9
  • Zabbix >= 1.8
  • Nagios >= 3.x/Centreon >= 3.x (Requires Livestatus >= 1.2.5i1. )

Source configuration parameters

The following screenshort gives an overview of the source configuration page. Each field is described hereafter.

  • Source Type: Set the type of source (Kubernetes, Zabbix, Nagios).
  • API Endpoint URL (Kubernetes, Zabbix): Sets the base API URL of the source.
    • For Kubernetes this must be either the API address or the URL for a proxied access.
    • For Zabbix it shall be something like http://zabbix-server/zabbix/, while changing zabbix-server with the address of the Zabbix server.
  • Disable SSL Peer Verification: To be checked for self-signed certificate.
  • Auth String: Sets credentials for authenticating against the remote API. If not explicitly stated for a given monitoring system, this setting should be considered as optional or not needed at all:
    • For Kubernetes (optional), if set this value shall hold a token with at least read access to the following API resources (/api/v1/namespaces, /api/v1/services, /api/v1/pods). It shall be typically left empty if RealOpInsight uses a proxied API access or is launched as a pod with sufficient RBAC permissions on Kubernetes.
    • For Zabbix, it shall be set with a pair login:password (note the colon :) representing a valid user account.
  • Livestatus Host (Nagios & alike): Sets the hostname or the IP address of the machine hosting the Livestatus service.
  • Livestatus Port (Nagios & alike): Sets the port of the Livestatus service.
  • Update Interval: This global setting sets the interval after which the Operations Console will be refreshed with new status information retrieved from probe sources.