Announcing RealOpInsight 2019.r1.0

January 05, 2019. 2018’s Christmas and Eve celebrations are now over. We hope that, like us, you had time to rest and enjoy with your loved ones. The new 2019 year is there with its opportunities and challenges. We want to wish you, along with your family and friends, a very happy and successful 2019. From our side, we’re already at work with the same motivation to bring the best technologies to make your monitoring journey better.

So we’re very excited to announce RealOpInsight version 2019.r1.0.

This latest release, which comes just a few weeks after the previous one, includes the following improvements.

Auto-discovery & Dynamic Host Group Dependency Dashboards
  • This is an enabler feature that will make the getting started even easier for many users. Indeed when a source is configured properly, RealOpInsight now automatically connects to the underlying monitoring system (Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, or whatever) and retrieve all the monitoring Host Groups and define them as special dependency dashboards that we also refer to as Dynamic Group/Host Dependency Dashboards.
  • Similar to what is done with Kubernetes Namespaced Dashboards those entries appear under the section Operations Profiles, from the administration page, in the form of <SourceId>:<HostGroup>. In this pattern <SourceId> is the identifier of the configuration source (e.g. Source1), while <HostGroup> corresponds to a given host group in the underlying monitoring system (e.g. Linux Servers).
Source Configuration
  • All settings of monitoring sources are now stored in the main database, instead of in a configuration file like with previous versions. This enhancement aims to unify the storage for all user-defined configurations and also contributes to simplify the deployment and operations inside containers.
  • Following up the changes on the storage of source settings, we took the opportunity to refine the configuration interface and make it clearer.
  • Breaking Changes Warning: After updating to from a previous version to version 2019.r1.0, you will need to reconfigure your monitoring sources. Indeed the old settings stored in configuration file is not imported during the update.
Performance Optimization
  • The option Show only problems, which can be triggered in Preview or Operations modes, benefited from algorithmic optimizations and is now performing faster.
Refined Admin Home
  • Screenshots along with the getting-started tips from the administration home page also received some care.

Download the new version now and enjoy it.

Again, happy new year!

The RealOpInsight Team

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