RealOpInsight v20.10.1-beta1

This is a major release, with a deep refactoring and redesign in the code base, significant improvements in the UI, the introduction of Helm deployment manifests and a Prometheus exporter for availability metrics, and many more.

Important notice: Before moving forward, we want to mention that this is a beta release and may hence still have some bugs, despite our testing efforts. Please give it a try and don’t hesitate to share your feedback to help us graduate the long-list of introduced enhancements for production.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of changes:


  • The first think to remark is the switch to Calender Versioning
  • Code base ported to C++17 (vs C++11 previously), Qt5 (vs Qt4) and Wt 4.3 (vs Wt 3.4), along with a deep refactoring and redesign. The goal being to make the code more performant and also easier to maintain. It may be worth nothing that the first lines of code of RealOpInsight have written early in 2010, so this refresh is just welcomed.
  • Restyling of the UI: while the first goal was to improve the visualization on operations console, the administration page and even the login also benefited from the refreshing.
  • Add a Prometheus exporter for monitored platform status over time.
  • Switch to Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (vs 16.04 LTS) as supported operating system. This changes anticipates the end of life of Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS likely in 2021.
  • Add Kubernetes Helm3 deployment manifests: the deployment is done as a StatefulSet and supports Kubernetes RBAC by using permissions set via a specific service account created in the deployment namespace.
  • Database backends are now validated against SQLite 3 and PostgreSQL 10.
  • Add Dockerfiles for both development and production release. In particular, we now have a Docker builder image that it easy for contributors to have a stack to compile the application and also to release it as a Docker image.
  • Abandoning the binary distribution, to maintain only Docker releases. The virtual machine appliance is still distributed, but is now powered as a wrapper around a Docker container.
  • Fixed issue #10 when after disconnecting user may sometime need to refresh the browser to be able to sign in again.
  • Logs are now put on standard output (i.e. not longer log files), aligning logging with the 11th principle of The Twelve-Factor App methodology.

Breaking changes

  • Change the web interface context /ui (instead of /realopinsight prior to this version)
  • Secret settings (e.g. DB/LDAP password) are now stored as base64 encoded strings. This is not compatible with former configurations and does require to reapply the settings manually.
  • Depreciating supports for Zenoss, Pandora FMS and ManageEngine OpManager. The reason is that these integrations have a very small number of users to justify an active efforts to ensure a compatibility with recent versions of those tools.
  • Deprecating the ability to import service files.

Again, this is a beta release that we want to validate for production as quick as possible. We encourage users to give it a try and provide us with feedback so that we can make the next releases ready for production.


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