Announcing RealOpInsight 2018.r2.1

December 02, 2018. We’re excited to announce RealOpInsight 2018.r2.1. This release brings bug fixes, Grafana scripted (automatic) dashboards and other changes described below.

Grafana Dashboards to Display SLA & Reporting Data
  • Requiring to use PostgreSQL as database backend for RealOpInsight and also to have Grafana 5.3+, you can now visualize SLA & Reporting Data in Grafana. For that we provide a Grafana dashboard script that you just have to copy under the folder public/dashboards/ from the Grafana installation directory, and then create a Grafana PostgreSQL Source named realopinsight pointing to RealOpInsight’s database. The dashboard script will then automatically discover all the views managed by RealOpInsight. Check out the documentation.
  • Fixed bug when parsing fails when service properties (e.g. name, description) contain reserved XML characters. For this fix, we want to thank Aliou from who reported the problem and also provided samples to help for the investigation.
  • Fixed weird characters in operator console when no view was assigned to the logged operator.
  • Updated/fixed conversion of Zabbix Information Severity: it’s now converted to Normal RealOpInsight status instead of to Minor.
  • Cleanup and optimization of the Docker distribution image reducing its size by more than 150MB, as well as speeding up the start up.
Changes in the Editor
  • Renamed the field “Monitoring Data” to “Monitoring Item”, which is more appropriated regarding the diversity of monitoring systems addressed by RealOpInsight.
  • Now use a single line string for service description.

Download the new version now and enjoy it!

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