RealOpInsight v2018.r2.0

October 06th, 2018. We are very happy to announce the release of RealOpInsight version 2018.r2.0. This major release mainly introduces the support for Kubernetes operations monitoring. You will find below a summary of new features and changes.

Support for Kubernetes with a native API integration
The native API integration means an addon-free integration, i.e. no additional third-party tool is needed to be installed beside your Kubernetes installation. Concretely the integration relies on kubectl proxy capabilities as recommended in Kubernetes documentation. Once you have enabled a kubectl proxy access to your Kubernetes cluster, you will just need to set the proxied URL in RealOpInsight. It will then automatically discover all services and pods in Kubernetes and grouped them by namespace following a concept that we introduce as Namespace Operations View (NOV). A NOV is defined by the set of all services belonging to a given namespace in Kubernetes. It’s organized as a dependency graph where each service is bound to its related pods, which each is in turn bound to the containers that compose it. Doing so NOVs provide effective units for federation and operational monitoring for Kubernetes clusters. For more details or to see such an integration in action, please follow our walkthrough QuickStart Guide.
RealOpInsight Workstation Abandoned

As initially announced in April 2018 the development of RealOpInsight Workstation is now abandonned. All its features are now almost all integrated in RealOpInsight Ultimate, which is now released under the short name of RealOpInsight. This decision is motivated by our intention to focus our effort to a single product that will evolve more quickly, but with always high software reliability and code quality.

Improvement of Livestatus Integration with Icinga 2
A special care has been given to the Livestatus integration with Icinga. Indeed, beside MK Livetstatus that RealOpInsight traditionnally relies on to integrate with Nagios-derived monitoring systems (i.e. Nagios, Centreon, Icinga, OP5 Monitor…), Icinga 2 provides a reimplementation of Livestatus protocol. This reimplementation appears to not fully support the query language of MK Livestatus. This specificity is now taken into account in RealOpInsight version 2018.r2.0 which has been successfully tested with Icinga2 and its implementation of Livestatus service.
Many other miscellaneous changes have also been introduced. This notably includes the support of TLS/HTTPS deployment, the introduction of systemd start and stop scripts, a refining on colors in the operations console, various improvements on the Editor, to list a few.

Before closing this post, we want to inform you that we’ll be talking about RealOpInsight and cloud-native monitoring at the Open Source Monitoring Conference in Nuremberg on November 07, 2018. If you go through there, don’t hesitate to come meet us to discuss monitoring or other cloud-native stuffs around a beer or a cup of soft drink :)

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