Quick Start Deployment

RealOpInsight is released as Docker images along with Kubernetes Helm3 manifests to ease its deployment.

Deployment on Kubernetes

Assuming you have a Linux terminal with Helm3 installed and able to access a KUBECONFIG file to deploy resources on Kubernetes, the following command shall install an instance in the monitoring namespace. The namespace must exist, it can be changed to another value.

helm upgrade \
  --namespace monitoring \
  --install realopinsight \

By default the Helm manifests also deploy a ClusterIP service named realopinsiht to expose the UI on port 80 and Prometheus metrics on port 4584. The associated in-cluster URLs are the following:

  • UI: http://realopinsight.monitoring/ui.
  • Prometheus metrics: http://realopinsight.monitoring:4583/metrics.

Access the User Interface

To get a remote access to the UI, use one of the following options:

  • Change the service type to LoadBalancer (see Helm value files);
  • Enable an Ingress access (see Helm value files);
  • Enable port-forwarding from your local machine as follows (change the namespace if different).
    kubectl port-forward \
      --namespace monitoring \
      service/realopinsight-ui 4583:80
    Then point your browser at the following address: http://localhost:4583/ui/.

Deployment on Docker

The following command shall pull the image and start an instance of RealOpInsight in background. The -d option can be removed to start the instance in foreground. With this command the data of the instance will be stored locally on the Docker machine at the specified path (value of option --volume, can be changed if needed).

$ docker run -d \
  --name realopinsight \
  --network host \
  --volume $HOME/.realopinsight:/opt/realopinsight \

Once the container started, it shall enable the following endpoints:

  • UI: http://localhost:4583/ui.
  • Prometheus metrics: http://localhost:4584/metrics.

Default admin credentials

The default username and password for the UI are admin and password.

For a production setup, you must change this default password as quick as possible.

Configuration and next steps

Consider the following resources to start integrating RealOpInsight with your target monitoring environment.