The below list gives a non-exaustive overview of RealOpInsight features (click on each feature to expand its description):

FeaturesProduction Ready

Flexible service dependency-based incident management which allows to aggregate monitoring data in a way that takes into account, the resilience, the re-usability, and most of custom logics that may have been implemented on the underlying IT infrastructure (e.g. failover).


Easy-to-use service mapping along with custom severity calculation and propagation algorithms, which allow you to aggregate and propagate the severity of incidents according to your specific management needs (filtering, worst severity, average thresholds, essential services...)


Ability to handle business service views that data are hosted by more than one monitoring system, simultaneously. See the list of monitoring systems currently supported.


Provides graphical interfaces to deal with administration tasks: manage users, configuration parameters, access control...


Can be used from a wide range of operating systems,  including, Windows, GNU Linux, on Mac OS X, without requiring any special tunings.


Ability to manage environments and infrastructures shared among organizations or enterprise divisions, while delivering to each of them private and secure monitoring views.


Provides a cross-browser web portal compatible with PCs, tablets and mobiles, subject to have a modern javascript-enabled browser. Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other javascript-compatible web browsers.


Offers a central place to collect and aggregate all events, to manage and operate all the monitored business services, and for carrying out all configuration and administration tasks.


The user management capability allows you to create and manage users according to your needs.


Provides flexible mechanism to manage the access permissions to monitored business services. You have the ability to assign and revoke views to users according to needs. A user can access only the views assigned to him.


Notification enables to send emails to users when the state of a business service changes, either when the state goes from normal state to a non-normal state, or, reciprocally, when the service recoveries from a non-normal state to normal state.


Go beyond the present thanks to reports and analytics that aggregate data from all of your managed business services, so as to gain actionable intelligence on trends that impact service availability and SLA.


Deploy quickly and get started with RealOpInsight in less than 1 minute than our Docker containers.

Cost Free & Open Source

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