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RealOpInsight oneInsightx is a high-class visualization add-on for OpenNebula that allows users to have at a glance, an insight on the load of managed hosts. oneInsight provides various kinds of load mappings, that currently include the following metrics:

  • CPU used by OpenNebula-managed virtual machines (VMs).
  • Memory used by managed virtual machines.
  • Effective CPU used by all system processes, including processes outside of managed virtual machines.
  • Effective memory used by all system processes.

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oneInsight enables many benefits, as well for cloud operators than for business managers:
  • Provides simple and comprehensible server load charting;
  • Let you plan migrations and capacity upgrading thanks to its at-a-glance and accurate insight on servers loads;
  • Provides, via tooltip and popup, details about each server in zero or one click;
  • High class visualization that saves you from command line output;
  • Lightweight HTML/Javascript stack that can be deployed on any server within your IT infrastructure, just need a valid OpenNebula user account and a network access to OpenNebula server.
Read more and get started via the project Github page or, alternatively, via its page on OpenNebula add-on catolog.


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