RealOpinsight provides on top of existing monitoring systems, like Nagios, Zabbix, ManageEngine OpManger, advanced dashboard aggregation and visualization capabilities that help monitor IT infrastructures while focusing on the health of business applications, on premise and in the cloud.

Not a(nother) monitor itself, it works on top of a wide range of existing monitoring systems to fill in the gap between those systems and the needs of monitoring applications and services in modern IT environments (on-premise, cloud, multitenant).

Service Monitoring for Today's IT

Modern IT infrastructures have new characteristics: large scale, service-oriented, cloud-based multitenancy, various levels of service agreement, etc. Hence monitoring tools need to help operations staffs to deal with these new issues.

Designed with that in mind, RealOpInsight can help you to:

  • Monitor effectively, and at scale;
  • Separate the monitoring of mission-critical applications and services, and assign that to users able to address problems related to them quickly.
  • Manage monitoring in multitenant environments.

Mobile-compatible Web Portal

RealOpInsight Ultimate enables modern web interfaces for ubiquitous access, from workstations, mobiles, and tablet.


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