RealOpinsight provides advanced monitoring dashboard tools that enable IT operations staff to deal with monitoring with focus on business values. It actually provides specialized capabilities for monitoring the real healthy of business services and applications. By this way, it allows you to maximize the productivity of your operations staff by saving time wasted on unrelavant and false alerts.

Not a(nother) monitor


Before anything, it's important to note that RealOpInsight is a not monitor itself. Instead, RealOpInsight is a flexible and powerful third-party software that provides specialized management capabilities on top of a wide range of monitoring systems. Its mission is to fill the gap between those systems and the needs of monitoring applications and services in modern IT environments. This includes clouds, large and distributed IT environments, multitenant environments, business service-centric platforms, etc.

Why use RealOpInsight?

RealOpInsight features unique capabilities in the IT monitoring market. Using RealOpInsight, it's adhered to philosophies that enable effective monitoring with many benefits: 

  • Business-centric monitoring, easy root-cause analysis:  You don't need to care about incidents that don't impact your business. With RealOpInsight, dashboards are business-centric, i.e. built with focus on what is relevant for your business, not what has been collected by the backed monitoring systems. In addition, its innovative hierarchical service dependency organization allows you to quickly identify root-cause problems.  
  • Flexibility, reusing, and monitor agnostic: No need to reinvent the wheel, RealOpInsight leverages the capabilities of existing monitoring systems and enables on top of them a unique, holistic and integrated framework that brings heterogeneous monitoring systems together within unified dashboards.
  • Monitor QoS, SLA, and deal with BI Reports. RealOpInsight allows you to build and manage BI (Business Intelligence) graphs and reports, which give you over time trends on Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the health of your monitored business services.
  • Delegating management: Do you have a large IT, a multitenant environement, or just want to delegate the management of your critical applications to dedicated users? With RealOpInsight, you can easily organize your IT as set of applications and services manageable by separated groups of users. 
  • Easy extensibility: your favorite monitoring system is not yet supported by RealOpInsight? Don't worry, RealOpInsight has been designed with extensibility in mind. Its architecture as well as its internal design have been thought to enable easy integration with the underlying monitoring systems. At your option, you can do the integration by yourself or contact us to request customer developments.
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How RealOpInsight Works

Operating with RealOpInsight is very simple:

  • Define the description files that govern your business platforms. A description file defines a business platform as a set of services along with business rules that bind them to each other. The RealOpInsight Editor will assist you to deal with this in an easy and simple way.
  • Enable the access to your monitoring data by setting when and how RealOpInsight should retrieve status data from your monitoring servers in order to keep your operations dasboards up-to-date.
  • Check the description files. Upload your description files within RealOpInsight and preview them to ensure they suit your monitoring needs.
  • Assign the management of the business platforms to your operations staff. RealOpInsight enables functionalities, such as, authentication, user role, and access control, that allow you to have at each time full control on what users can operate the description files associated to your different platforms.

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