RealOpInsight has been designed to be generic to support a wide range of monitoring systems as possible. The following table lists in an alphabetical order the monitors currently supported officially. This doesn't mean that only the listed systems can work with RealOpInsight, but that RealOpInsight has been tested against the listed monitors.

Your favorite monitor is not listed? Please contact us, we can help to build the support of new monitoring systems.

MonitorVersions Officially SupportedComments
Centreon® >= 3.x Requires MK Livetstaus
Check_MK® >= 1.1.0 Requires MK Livetstaus
GroundWork Monitor® >= 5.0 Requires MKLivetstaus
Icinga® >= 1.x Requires MK Livetstaus
ManageEngine OpManager® All versions having the REST API SDK RealOpInsight v3.3.0 or higher
Pandora FMS® >= 4.0.2 RealOpInsight v3.2.0 or higher
Nagios® >= 3.0.0 Requires Livestatus (>= 1.2.5i1 for Nagios 4)
op5 Monitor® >= 5.0 Requires Livestatus
Shinken Monitor® >= 1.0 RealOpInsight v2.3.0 or higher
Zabbix® >= 1.8.0 RealOpInsight v2.1.0 or higher
Zenoss® >= 4.0.0 RealOpInsight v2.2.0 or higher

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