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RealOpInsight Ultimate is an advanced enterprise-grade business service monitoring product designed to support the following needs.

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Service Monitoring for Today's IT

Modern IT infrastructures have new characteristics: large scale, service-oriented -- notably with clouds, multitenancy, various levels of service agreement, etc. Hence monitoring tools need to help operations staffs to deal with these new issues. Designed with that in mind, RealOpInsight Ultimate can help you:

  • Monitor effectively and at scale, allowing to view your IT as subsets of resources managed by separated groups of users.
  • Separate the management of your more critical resources/applications from those of ones having lower business values.
  • Delegate the management of critical resources and services to users able to address problems related to them quickly.
  • Manage multitenant IT environments based on resources shared among organizations or business units.

Mobile-compatible Web Portal


RealOpInsight Ultimate enables modern web interfaces for ubiquitous access (from workstations, PCs, mobiles, and tablets), user roles and permission management, integration with external authentication systems, as well as other relevant administration functionality. All user and administration tasks are performed through the web interfaces: setting configuration parameters, manage users, description files and access control, monitoring operations, etc.


Delegating Management

RealOpInsight Ultimate enables user roles and access control management that allow system administrators and operations managers to deal with delegating management while having full control to any monitoring data. This means full control on what operator(s) can access which data, and at what time. The below steps summarizes how that works:

  • Define the description files that govern your business platforms. A description file defines a business platform as a set of services along with business rules that bind them to each other. The RealOpInsight Editor will assist you to deal with this in an easy and simple way.
  • Enable the access to your monitoring data. Set when and how RealOpInsight should retrieve status data from your monitoring servers in order to keep your operations dasboards up-to-date.
  • Check the description files. Upload your description files within RealOpInsight and preview them to ensure they suit your monitoring needs.
  • Assign the management of the business platforms to your operations staff. RealOpInsight enables functionalities, such as, authentication, user role, and access control, that allow you to have at each time full control on what users can operate the description files associated to your different platforms.

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