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  We’re an outsourcing company that provide system administration service among others. For one of the customers we’ve set up Zabbix to monitor infrastructure status. That is widely used and well-known monitoring system and we didn’t have any doubts on our choice. However after some time turned out that we need some kind of tactical view to simply see if everything ok or not. So we found this RealOpInsight platform that provides such kind of views for our system. After some tuning we were able to see three big tiles showing how many Zabbix triggers are in critical, warning and OK state. We put this board on a TV in our office and so we can easily see if something needs our attention. 

Said Alexander Zaitsev, System administrator at Levi9. Levi9 provides technical capabilities, industry knowledge to deliver advanced technology solutions.

  Nowadays, IT Monitoring has become a major challenge for businesses and especially in our medical community. That's also our concern at Vivalto Santé. To make our monitoring more effective, we introduced RealOpInsight in our monitoring environment. It allows us to add a much finer and representative business vision of the current state of our environment through a set of rules that allows to correlate all alerts in a single tool. Service Level Agreements (SLA) have been established with our different institutions and compliance with those SLAs is measured monthly. We now have a reporting able to provide relevant and comprehensive information for our management team. 

Antonio Corrado, IT Engineer in charge of the integration and the operation of RealOpInsight at Vivalto Santé. Vivalto Santé is a leading French medical group dedicated to private hospitalization. The group counts up to 10 institutions spread throughout western France. 

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