We frequently give talks in conferences and workshops. We also write papers for DevOps, sysadmin and IT monitoring magazines. Here is the list of selected publications.

Discussing Business Service Management (BSM), effective IT monitoring and how RealOpInsight can help operations staff in these fields. French Linux Magazine, November 2014, Page 38.

Discussing challenges of monitoring in clouds and how RealOpInsight can help to deal with that. Linux and Open Source Conference. Paris/France, May 2014

Introducing OpenNebula data visualization with oneInsight. CentOS Dojo. Lyon/France, April 2014

Discussing effective monitoring and how RealOpInsight can help address that. Nagios World Conference. Minnesota/USA, Sept. 2013

Talking about business service monitoring and effective monitoring. Free Software Meeting. Brussel/Belgium, July 2013. 

Introducing RealOpInsight to newbies (in French). Human Talks. Lyon/France, June 2013.


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