This page is based on RealOpInsight Ultimate and will show you, step-by-step, how to get started with RealOpInsight in less than 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes, promise!

RealOpInsight Ultimate is released in three distribution forms, which can all be installed in less than 10 minutes:

  • OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance) virtual machine images
  • Docker container images
  • Binary distributions

The below steps cover the installation through the Docker and the OVA-based distributions. See the full installation guide for other installation options. 

Download and Install RealOpInsight Ultimate

The following steps describe how to download and install RealOpInsight Ultimate in a Docker container or in a virtual machine. For this latter case, you would need VirtualBox or VMware Player/Workstation (any other OVA-compatible virtual machine manager shall work too):

  1. If you opt to use the Docker distribution, run the following command and move to step 9: $ docker run -p 4583:4583 -p 2283:22 -i -t realopinsightlabs/realopinsight-ultimate
  2. To install the OVA distribution in a virtual machine, go to our download page and get the latest OVA zip archive and uncompress it. 
  3. If not yet the case, install an OVA-compatible virtual machine manager (e.g. VirtulaBox or VMware Player). The next steps assume you're using VirtualBox.
  4. Run VirtualBox and select the menu File -> Import Virtual Appliance.
  5. Browse your file system and select the downloaded OVA appliance file.
  6. Review and update if appropriate the information of the virtual machine to be created, and validate the importation. 
  7. Select the virtual machine, click on Settings, and review the virtual machine settings (network, CPU, memory, name...). Make changes if needed and click on OK to save the changes.
  8. Start the virtual machine and wait that it starts successfully.
  9. Launch a browser and open the following URL to start the RealOpInsight Ultimate web interface: http://<HostAddress>:4583/realopinsight/ (Login: admin, password: password).
    Replace HostAddress by, either the Docker host address (see forwarded port at step 1), or the virtual machine IP address if you're using a virtual machine.  
  10. You can log into the RealOpInsight Ultimate machine directly or via SSH (Login: ubuntu, Password: ubuntu)
  11. Binries, logs, and many other settings can be found in the installation directory /opt/realopinsight/

Connect a Monitoring System (Data Source)

After a successfully installation of RealOpInsight Ultimate, you need to connect it to one or more monitoring backends (e.g. Nagios, Zabbix, ManageEngine OpManager, Zenoss...), which are also known as monitoring data sources.

To do so, log into RealOpInsight Ultimate as administor and proceed as follows:

  1. Select the menu Monitoring Data Sources
  2. Then, according to the monitoring system you want to link with, fill in the required properties as described here.
  3. Click on Add as source, select a source index, and apply to save the settings. 
  4. Repeat the above steps for each monitoring data source you want to connect to.

Create Business Service Views

Assuming, you are always logged into RealOpInsight Ultimate as administrator and run the following steps:

  1. Select the menu Quick View Builder to start fetch data from your backed monitoring system and import them as hostgroup-based business service view
  2. Select the data source from which you want to proceed the importation (in certain version of RealOpInsight Ultimate you may need to logout and log in to see data sources created during your current session).
  3. Fill in the hostgroup filter (e.g. Nagios servers in the above example) and click on Submit. On success, you should see a confirmation message as on the figure below. Otherwise, the message will indicate you the error that occurred.
  4. Now create a user (menu New User), and assign the view created previously to him (menu View & Access Control).
  5. Finally, log as the user to who you assigned the view and you be able to see a view as follows:
  6. By clicking on the tile, you will be able to expand the business service hierarchy as shown below. In Active View selection list, you can select Executive View to go back the main interface showing summary of each view assigned to the current user.

Next Steps

We really recommend you to read the Getting Started Guide and the RealOpInsight Ultimate Documentation.

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