To get started with RealOpInsight, you may need to consider the following resources: 

  1. Read what RealOpInsight is, what it is intended to, and consider to try out our online demo to have a quick overview on RealOpInsight in action. 
  2. Read the features sheet to learn what capabilities RealOpInsight can enable for your organization.
  3. Follow the QuickStart Guide to see in less than 30 minutes how to install and get started using RealOpInsight in your monitoring environment.
  4. OK, convinced? Install RealOpInsight Workstation on your local machine and start building advanced business service views, which can be easily imported in RealOpInsight Ultimate. 
  5. Go through our available tutorials to learn various examples and use cases, which learn you how to automatically import your existing Nagios BPI configuration files, your existing Zabbix IT Services settings, and your existing monitoring items as business service views to use with RealOpInsight. 
  6. The Documentation and especially the Troubleshooting section provide countless information for day-to-day operations.

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