Advanced open source tools for application and business service monitoring

RealOpinsight is a business service monitoring toolkit that enables you to manage your IT while focusing on the services you provide. Working as add-on for existing monitoring systems, it provides specialized dashboard features and capabilities useful to monitor effectively the health of business applications and cloud services.

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Unified heterogeneous monitoring

Make the monitoring of heterogeneous environments easy ! RealOpInsight can collect and aggregate data from a wide range of monitoring backends, including, Nagios, Zabbix and Zenoss, to provide unified, consolidated and business-centric dashboards for an effective monitoring.

Delegating/multitenant management

Foster the productivity of your operations staff ! Thanks to its capabilities in managing users, roles, views and access controls, RealOpInsight allows operations managers to provide the right information to the right user, and at the right time.

Monitor business values

The RealOpInsight enables business service-centric dashboards that allow operations staff to focus on business values instead of wasting time on false and irrelevant alerts. This is the foundation for an effective monitoring.

Easy distributed monitoring

RealOpInsight eases the monitoring of multiple data center environments. Its powerful event aggregation system allows you to manage events collected from distributed, homogeneous and/or heterogeneous monitoring environments.

Fast and easy integration

Take the benefits of RealOpInsight without heavy complexities ! RealOpInsight has a very low complexity footprint, supports LDAP authentication, and enables modern GUI-based configuration to ease daily administration tasks.

Open and cross-platform technology

The core technology of RealOpInsight is open source, released under the terms of GPL-v3 License. Cross-platform, the software can work on Windows, OS X, and GNU Linux operating systems