Open source business service management (BSM) for today's IT

RealOpinsight enables you to manage your IT while focusing on the services you provide. Working as add-on for existing monitoring systems, its specialized aggregation and dashboard capabilities help you to effectively monitor the health of mission-critical applications, on premise and in the cloud.

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Unified distributed monitoring

Ease the monitoring of distributed and heterogeneous environments. RealOpInsight can collect and aggregate data backed by a wide range of monitoring systems, thereby providing unified, consolidated, and effective business-centric monitoring views.

Delegating/multitenant management

Foster the productivity of your operations staff. Thanks to its capabilities in managing users, roles, views and access control, RealOpInsight allows operations managers to provide the right information to the right user, and at the right time.

Monitor business values

Focus on the services you provide. RealOpInsight helps you in monitoring QoS and SLA over time, it enables business service-centric notification as well as advanced reporting capabilities. You can easily export report data to process them by external tools.

Flexible operations management

View your IT in a way that makes sense for your business. RealOpInsight provides a simple, but powerful system for combining services along with advanced event processing algorithms to help you link IT vision to your business objectives.

Fast and easy integration

Take the benefits of RealOpInsight without heavy complexities. RealOpInsight has a very low complexity footprint, supports LDAP authentication, and provides easy-to-use GUI-based configuration manager to simplify daily administration tasks.

Open and cross-platform technology

RealOpInsight is built upon open source technology, released under the terms of GPL-v3 License. Cross-platform, the software can work on Windows, OS X, and GNU Linux operating systems