RealOpinsight provides advanced open source monitoring dashboard tools that allow operations staffs to monitor IT infrastructures with focus on business values. By this way, it allows them to maximize the productivity by saving time wasted on unrelevant or false alerts.

Why? With the increasing amount of devices and applications to monitor in today's IT infrastructures,  monitoring in demanding operations environments, such as, NOC (Network Operations Centers), clouds, and large data centers has become very challenging. You need to be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • How incidents impact my business? So you should be able to prioritize recovery from incidents that have higher impacts.
  • What is the actual current status of my applications?
  • Which applications or end-user services are affected by a given incident?
  • On which hardware a given services depends on?
  • How to delegate the management of my critical applications to users able to address the related issues quickly? 
  • Moreover, cloud changes the way of thinking IT. With its service-oriented IT models, such as, Infrastucture as a Service (IaaS), Plaform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and cloud-onpremise hybrid environements, operations tools need to address these changes.

RealOpInsight comes in with unique features to address these issues. It enables a generic and flexible toolkit compatible with many monitoring systems including Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, etc. It serves as a central point to aggregate and correlate events in homegeneous and heterogeneous distributed monitoring environments. Its powerful business intelligence engine allows you, at each time, to have an accurate insight on the health of your applications and business services.

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