RealOpInsight enables the following benefits to businesses and operations staffs

Service-oriented and business-centric monitoring

You no longer need to care about incidents that don’t impact your business. Why to have in your dashboards information that doesn’t impact business? With RealOpInsight, your dashboards are business-centric, i.e. built with focus on what is relevant for your business, not what has been collected by your monitoring system. Read more.

Monitor agnostic, reusing, easy extensibility

No need to reinvent the wheel, RealOpInsight allows to collect and aggregate data from a wide range of existing monitoring systems and enables on top of them a unique, holistic and integrated framework that brings distributed and heterogeneous monitoring systems together within unified dashboards. Read more.  

Advanced, and flexible event processing

With RealOpInsight, monitoring is built upon a service dependencies. Like in real life, a service may depend on one or several subservices, and in turn, a subservice may also have subservices. This leads to complex status calculation rules that RealOpInsight enables you to handle in an easy, yet powerful way. Read more.

Monitor QoS, SLA, and deal with BI Reports

RealOpInsight enable you to build and manage BI (Business Intelligence) graphs, which give you over time trends on Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the health of your monitored business services. In addition, report data can be exported in CSV format to be processed by third-party tools like Microsoft Excel or any other tabular-compatible tools. Read more.

Delegating management

Do you have a large IT, a multitenant environment, or just want to delegate the management of your critical applications to dedicated users? RealOpInsight allows you to easily organize your IT as set of applications and services manageable by separated (authorized) groups of users. Read more

Business-centric user notification

RealOpInsight Ultimate enables a notification system which provides you with the ability to automatically send an email to users when a business service goes from normal state to a non-normal state (e.g. Minor, Major, Critical, Unknown). But also reciprocally when the business service recovers from a non-normal state to normal state. Read more

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