Cloud-ready Application Operations Monitoring Dashboard.

RealOpInsight is an open-source system for federation and application operations monitoring dashboard for Kubernetes®, Nagios®, Zabbix®, Centreon®, Icinga®, ManageEngine OpManager®, Zenoss®, Pandora FMS®, OP5 Monitor®, and various other systems.


Federated/unified monitoring

Collect and consolidate data from a wide range of distributed and heterogeneous monitoring systems and provide to your operations staffs unified application operations dashboards.

Monitor busiess values

Monitor business values

Focus on applications that underlie your business services, fire notifications at application-level, and easily generate availability reports over time.

Tactical dashboads

Tactical dashboards

Whether you're an operations staff or executive, our tactical dashboards provide you with quick insight on how your applications are operating and enable more details in one click.

Mapping & event correlation

Mapping & event correlation

Map relationships among your applications' components along with custom severity calculation and propagation policies to meet your specific management needs.

Quick API-based integration

Quick API-based integration

Don't waste time on complex or boring configuration tasks, RealOpInsight only requires a read-only access to the API of the monitoring data collection backends.

Open technology

Open source technology

RealOpInsight is full open source, built with interoperability as basic concept. It's released under GPLv3 license. Commercial use with no copy-left is subject to specific agreements.


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